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鴨 全部都是鴨 !Duck ! All the Way is Duck !

鴨 全部都是鴨 !


繼雞,全部都是雞《全雞宴》的成功,Tina Cellar 與 Pinot Duck榮譽呈獻 《淥淇鴨宴》。 

PINOTDUCK餐廳只供應品諾種的葡萄酒和全球各種烹調方式的鴨菜式。據說鴨子和黑品諾加起來是很見效的催情美食。多年前世界知名的酒評人 Roy Moorefield , 展開《鴨爬行》運動,在全球各地舉辦過許多場美酒佳餚宴,順便撮合了不少幸福情侶。





Duck ! All the Way is Duck !

After the overwhelming success of All the Way is Bird –Chicken Feast, Tina Cellar and Pinot Duck take pride to present the Ruche Duck Feast on 15 Sep 2017.

Pinot Duck is a restaurant selling only Pinot cepage and Duck dishes of all over the world. It is believed that Pinot + Duck is a very effective aphrodisiac. World renowned wine critic Roy Moorefield started the “Duck Crawl” campaign many years ago organizing wine and dine party and incidentally matched quite a few happy couples.

We discovered an once-close-to-extinction Italian grape Ruche. There are many arguments about the origins of this varietal. Many believe that it is a mutation of Pinot Noir. Indeed the way it matches food is very similar to that of Pinot Noir.

Let’s party on and use your own way to find the answer!



Duck Liver Pate, served with brioche toast
Montalbera Ruche 2.0
Crispy Duck Stuffed Mashed Taro Ball & Peking Duck Spring Rolls
Montalbera Viogner 2015
Crispy Duck Wings, Tossed in Sichuan pepper and cumin seasoning
Montalbera Piedmonte Rosso Fuori Catalogo DOC 2014
Pan Seared Foie Gras, Glazed pineapple with Sichuan pepper, apple roselle sauce and toasted Chinese bun
Montalbera Castaglone Monferrato Ruche Laccento DOCG 2015
Classic Peking Duck Crepe Wraps, Served the traditional way, wrapped with strips of leek, cucumber and hoisin sauce
Montalbera Castaglone Monferrato Ruche Laccento DOCG 2010
Grilled Duck Breast, Roselle sauce, sauteed garden greens
Montalbera Monferrato Castaglone Ruche Limpronta DOCG 2012
Creme Brulee with Chinese dried citrus zest
Montalbera Moscato D'Astii San Carlo 2016



HKD 688 + 10% 



時間: 2017年9月15日

地址: 香港赤柱佳美道23號赤柱廣場地下G07號

訂座: 2287 5097 (工作時間)


Time: 15 Sep 2017

23 Carmel Road, Stanley, Hong Kong

Reservation: 2287 5097 (office hours) 

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