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Every Anonym Has Got a Story Behind 每個無名氏背後 都有一段故事

Wine Tasting

You might have heard of the story of “Xavier Anonyme” , the label of the wine .
This time the story is about an artist.
Hongky girl is a negative term implying : vain, rude, pragmatic and “ Princess Syndrome “. I guess it all depends on different vintages . From 70’s to 90’s there is still a big bunch of kind, faithful , diligent , traditional and scarifying women in
HK deeply suppressed by Chauvinism.
The heroine of our story was born in the 60’s, a very talented girl married to a truck driver who kept concubine in China during the 90’s which was common place in the era. She was battered for decades by her Chiuchowese husband all through her marriage and suffered from depression. So depressed that she has got cancer. She has been well taken care under our welfare system.
When I first saw her paintings and calligraphy, I cannot believe that she is just a beginner.
She has got 2 sons, one of them are still studying in the college. Imagine, under this family background , they have a miserable childhood.
What is all this mumble jumble about ?
I just want to help because she is an alumni of my primary school. I guess materials to her is nothing at this stage of life. I would like her to be remembered as a very talented artist instead of an abandoned wife living in melancholy . It will be meaningful to the cubs. I would like her to know that she is not alone and to recognize her self value, let her know that her works can be powerful and to energize her to fight cancer.
We are hosting a charity silent auction of her works for this anonym, during the tendering, a wine lunch with wine sponsored by Tina Cellar will be served. Guests will enjoy back vintages of Xavier Anonyme Chateauneuf du Pape and half price discount for on spot purchase of all Xavier Vins wine. All income of the paintings and 50% of wine profit will be contributed to the anonym artist who needs our encouragement to pick up her brush again and to fight cancer.
Join me please to wash the name of Hongky Girls.

Anonym Student & Mentor Silent Auction and Wine Lunch



Date : 23 Sep 2017

Time : 12:00 pm to 3:00pm

Venue : Summer Palace , Island Shangri-la Hotel, Admiralty , HK.

Price : HKD498 + 10% per head

Menu : Dim Sum Lunch detail to be advised



12:00 pm Register / Exhibition of works / Free style stand up tasting of wine

1:00pm Lunch

1:30pm Cut off of bidding of painting

2:00pm Announcement of bidding result

我們將會為這位無名氏的作品舉辦一個慈善暗標拍賣會午餐。 投暗標的同時有品酒午宴,葡萄酒由天娜酒窖贊助 。賓客可以嚐到夏維雅《無名氏》教皇新堡老年份佳釀,以及以半價購買夏維雅莊的佳釀。拍賣繪畫和書法的收入,還有即場售賣夏維雅葡萄酒的一半收益,全數會捐給這位需要我們鼓勵的藝術家。

 無名氏 師生作品拍賣會暨品酒午宴


日期: 2017年9月23日

時間: 下午12:00-3:00

地點 :香港金鐘港島香格里拉酒店夏宮中菜廳

價格 :每位 HKD498 +10%

菜牌 :點心小菜(稍後公佈)


12:00:00pm 來賓登記/作品展示/自助式品酒

1:00pm 用餐

1:30pm 截標

2:00pm 公報投標結果

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