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I Love Cholesterol 我愛膽固醇



May Chow 2017亞洲50強年度最佳女廚師,以既創意又傳統見稱,以Little Bao脫頴而出。近作Happy Paradise 給食家一浪接一浪的驚喜。

Christina Keung,天娜酒窖創辦人;46年的酒齡專攻小農精品生物動力葡萄酒,號稱Cult酒天后。

這兩位非一般的女仕,首度攜手呈獻《我愛膽固醇》美酒佳餚配。謹訂6月19日晚七時,約你在Happy Paradise挑戰三高。


I Love Cholesterol

Experts agree that it has not been clinically proved that Cholesterol is the cause of Heart Attack. It is just a hypothesis. So why suppress yourself for self indulgence of fine food?

May Chow, 2017 Best Female Chef of the Asia Best 50, won universal acclaims through her first restaurant Little Bao. Her latest works Happy Paradise surprises foodies again and again.

Christina Keung, founder of Tina Cellar, 46 years of wine experience, focuses on grower’s boutique biodynamic wine. She is regarded as <The Queen of Cult Wine >.

First time ever these two unconventional ladies join and proudly present “I Love Cholesterol” food and wine pairing dinner at the Happy Paradise on 19 June 2017 at 7:00pm. Let’s challenge blood pressure, glucose and lipids.

Save the night and see how they synergise.

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Tel:   2816 2118

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