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Cunning Cat Cute Look 小奸貓 萌爆Look

小奸貓 萌爆Look


新年份2016 紅、白、桃紅都清新可喜,花果俱盛。

特價12瓶HKD1296 截至2018年6月30日

Cunning Cat Cute Look

This naughty cat had made fun with the Pope and got into trouble. It has to change its name from Chat en Ouef to Petit Chat Malin. However its mischiefing nature never changes.

To express its nine lives of badness, we have new labels for it. 6 designs have been released. Collect all 6 labels and you will win a free bottle.

New vintage of 2016 red, white and rose are all with good balance of fruits and floral. Refreshing and easily understood.

Original price HKD138
Promotion Price HKD1296 for 12 bottles valid until 30 Jun 2018
Order before 30 Jun 2018 delivery charge wavered.

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