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一字記之曰 :好 In a Nut Shell: Good!

一字記之曰 :好

夏日將至, 又是桃紅酒出窖的時候。也許好多人都喝過世界各地的桃紅,但是你可知道法國AOC級的桃紅,一定是要從全部紅葡萄釀只出來,不能紅酒加白酒勾兌,香檳區除外。

家喻戶曉的Rose D’AnjouTavel Rose都是典範, 都是從名種紅葡萄釀製出來的。例如赤霞珠、施赫......

你可相信,白葡萄可以不需要勾兌紅葡萄而釀出桃紅酒? 有的!只要你敢嘗試 !

Stephane Bannwarth ,我的科學怪人釀酒師,他用單一瓊瑤漿白葡萄,釀出桃紅色的美酒! 明明是白葡萄,不勾兌紅葡萄? 哪來的紅色?

這就是釀酒師的功力 !

Stephan Bannwarth 的“ 紅粉人生”色彩猶如深秋的晚霞,已經夠吸睛了,香薰般的玫瑰、荔枝、白茶、薑花、豆蔻、杏脯、白桃、芭樂、一浪接一浪向人鼻子轟炸!當你以為這樣花果山般的香,一定是甜酒,口感卻是辛乾的,絕對不影響美食,只會把食物中的滋味完全壓榨出來!從開瓶道杯底底朝天,沒有一刻冷場。超級寫意!

如果問我怎樣可以用白葡萄釀桃紅色的酒!太學術了! 可以參考舊作“ 不勾搭不飲 “。 

總之一字記之曰:好 !


In a Nut Shell: Good!

 Summer is approaching it is time for Rose wine. Most drinkers have tasted Rose Wine from All over the world. Not many knows that on French wine label with AOP, it has to be wine made purely from red grapes only. One can never make an AOC Rose with red wine and white wine blended. Champagne is an exception.

The renowned Rose D’ Anjou and Tavel Rose are two classic Examples. They are all made from famous reds. Such as Syrah. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault….

 Do you believe that, Rose wine can be made out of white grape only without blend red wine? Yes, it can, as long as a winemaker dare try!

Stephane Bannwarth, the Funny Frankenstein type of wine maker, makes single varietal white grape” Gewürztraminer “rose without using any reds, but where does the red colour come from?

This is all about the skills and craftsmanship of the wine maker.

Stephane’s La Vie En Rose has got the eye catching colour of a mid-Autumn sunset. The perfume like aromas such as roses, lychee, white tea, ginger Lilly, nutmeg, apricot, white peach, guava attack your nostrils waves after waves. With this fruity bouquet, you might then guess it is a sweet white wine. However it is stone dry on the palate. It does not overwhelm your good food but help squeeze out all flavours. From the moment it is open till the last drop, it is spectacular all the way without a single moment of dead air!...

If you ask me how to turn white grape varietal become a rose colour of wine, It is far too technical. Please refer to my article earlier “No Flirt Don’t Drink”.

 In a nut shell. This wine is good




Laurent Bannwarth La Vie En Rose 2018 0.75L

羅蘭班威夫“紅粉人生”2018 0.75L

HKD 488/btl


Annual production 800-1000 bottles



Terms and Conditions:

-Pre-arrival products ETA mid-June 2022  預售貨品抵達期 6月中。

-100% advance payment to secure order 100% 預付確認訂單

-Above price inclusive of air freight from France to HK 價格已含法國到香港空運費用

-Minimum order for free delivery for HK 3000/ Kln 4000/ NT 5000  Surcharge will be added for order lower than MOQ : HKD120 HL/ HKD 200 KLN/ HKD 300 NT 享受本地免運費,必須訂滿 港島HKD3000, 九龍HKD4000, 新界HKD5000. 訂額不足會有附加費: 香港島HK120;九龍HKD200 新界HKD300

-Shipping cost of non-HK area will be quoted separately. 香港以外的訂單運費運費另報


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