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橋上的泡泡 Bubbles on the Bridge




破天荒!漁村酒家x Issa U Kitchen x Tina Cellar 為你呈獻四手聯彈及香港初登場的法國小農香檳格拉斯歐。我們將獨霸酒家360度環迴海景碼頭雅座,一邊欣賞日落美景、一邊細味香檳冉冉芬芳。加上另人垂涎的菜單;旨在為你營造難忘的黃昏。





費用:美食連配酒HKD 1588/位

交通:中環港外線碼頭4號索罟灣航線4:50 pm航班/香港仔全記街渡4:30pm 航班(兩條航線航程35分鐘)。

預計回程乘 9:05/10:40 pm(往中環)或 8:50/10:10pm (往香港仔)如有需要可以代客安排舢舨或快艇往返鴨脷洲大街。


Bubbles on the Bridge

The Genuine Lamma Hilton x Issa U Kitchen x Tina Cellar proudly present the unprecedented A Quatre Mains Menu and the debut of Grower Champange Gratiot Almanach No3 and Secret Alamanch. We shall be sitting on the 360 degree panoramic sea view private jetty, watching sunset and fine bubbles of Champagne, enjoying scrumptious fusion menu. We aim at creating an unforgettable evening for you.

Date:     26 may 2022 

Time:     5:30 pm 

Venue:   The Genuine Lamma Hilton Fishing Village Restaurant Lot 584 Sok Kwu Wan Lamma Island 

Fee:       HKD 1588 Inclusive of Food and Wine Pairing  

Transportation:  Central Pier No. 4 Sok Kwu Wan Line 4:50 pm / Aberdeen Chuen Kee Ferry 4:30pm (Sailing time both 35 mins) Target return trip: 9:05/10:40 pm to Central or 8:50/10:10 pm to Aberdeen. If necessary, we may charter sampan or speedboat on behalf of guests.








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