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我愛死牛頭 Lovely Dead Cow

舊文新酒: 我愛死牛頭

廣東人形容人固執為死牛一邊頸,跟這種人相處你大可能很生氣,但有時候我會很喜歡這些供應商,特別是那些堅持精工製作,全手工釀製的葡萄酒。可能他們半毛錢的折扣也不會讓給你,但最後的成品卻很精良。今日介紹的這個酒庄,他們堅持慢工出細活,釀出甜而不膩,口感薄身。如果你懷舊,又喜歡甄沾記的椰子糖的話,這就像我們經常用exotic來形容白酒有異國風情的味道,那麼這瓶Coteaux du Layon表現出來的,便是最精彩tropical exotic的味道。佢有幾可愛? 我舊文已介紹過了,你們溫故知新吧!

出窖前才灌瓶,所以酒一直被儲存在混凝土缸內,他們的標籤和水松拴都很新淨,試問若一早灌瓶,又如何抵過數十載的光陰? 都是直接原窖入口香港。



Old Passage New Wine: Lovely Dead Cow

There’s a slang in Cantonese used to describe suborn people “Dead cow only knows one way”. Those kinds of people may drive you crazy when getting along with them. However, sometimes I appreciate their suborn mind towards their products, especially to those who insist the craftsmanship production of wine. Most likely they refuse giving even 1% discount, but the products are no doubt remarkable. This winery I am telling you, which adhere to the motto of “slow work yields fine products” , making sweet wines without heavy weight, they are light and vivid instead. If you are nostalgic and like coconut candy from Yan Chim Kee, this bottle of Coteaux du Layon would be the best presentation of how tropical exotic taste like, like the way we use exotic to describe some white wines. How lovely is this wine? I think my old newsletters explained everything. Go and check it out!

One more thing, the wine was not bottled until they are released to the market. Different vintages have been kept in cement vats. Therefore, the labels and corks are brand new even though they are from 1970s to 1980s!All direct ex-cellar to HK.

Come and grab them before they are gone!


Terms and Conditions/ 條款 

  • Pre-arrival products , 100% advance payment to secure order預售貨品,100%預付確認訂單。預期九月中到港
  • Prices do not include air shipping cost from France to HK. To be quoted according to order quantity. Min order HKD 3000 價格不含法國到香港集裝空運費,視乎訂貨量另報。最低起定量港幣三千圓。
  • In case we loss the bid, full amount will be refunded without interest within 14 working days如不中標,貨款全額14個工作天不含利息奉還。
  • First come first serve先到先得。
    Delivery to Macau and Mainland China to be quoted separately 如送貨至澳門或國內國內,速遞保險稅費。
  • Due to the heat wave in Europe , ground logistics is to be suspended until earlier September . Please kindly note .由於歐洲熱浪吹襲,陸上運輸暫停直到九月初再通知。敬請留意。

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