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Naughty Stephane Bannwarth 曳曳史提芬

Naughty Stephane Bannwarth

A self-taught, unconventional genius wine maker. Stephane Bannwarth is the 3rd generation wine maker of his family wine business. His grandparents used to sell grape, then his parents sell unbranded wine to négociant. Stephane thinks that their effort input to the vineyard deserves a good name. So he bottles their wine under his grandpa’s name and march to international market. Their slogan is One land, one family and one heart. Believe or not, his grandparents still keep the habit of starting in the vineyard 5:00 am in the morning and finish late in the evening because they insist everything hand made.

He has not been formally educated as an oenologist, but he is inspired by Josco Gravner who is regarded as the God-father of “Orange Wine “in Friuli of Italy, though they never met. Stephane read all publications and interviews about him and made wine following Josco’s idea. After several years of experiment, Stephane has got his ow n style. To me his wine is innocent, easy to understand but in fact, there are many stories behind, and always surprise you. He always wants to make wine that lures you keep on sipping. He likes to play with the varietals and tries his best to show the best of each vintage and harvest. Every year, he will make each varietal in a unique style that he thinks best suit the harvest.

Let’s take an example of his Muscat. He made vendange tardive, “Orange”, slightly sparkling, still dry and this time, “Orange” , dry and sparkling all three in one with lees on to keep the freshness. As usual, very fruity on the nose with white rose, lychee, longan, white tea and herbs. One the palate it is stone dry and with tinnie winnie hint of alcohol that make you think it is non-alcoholic, with always a very clever acidity at the end to constitute great balance and harmony. So ladies, please be aware of your honour.

曳曳 史提芬

史提芬.班威夫是他家族葡萄酒業第三代釀酒師和當家。創始時他的祖父自耕出售葡萄式;他的父親就出售葡萄給中間商。到了他這一代,就祖父的名字命名灌瓶 ,並進軍國際市場。以"一家丶一園丶一心"作為他們的座右銘。至今他的祖父母依然堅持每天清長五時開始打理葡萄園,傍晚在下班。因為他們堅持純天然。






Laurant Bannwarth Muscat Sparkling 2016 麝香汽酒



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