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不能破解的食譜 Non-Decodable Recipe







以我淺薄的雲南菜知識,我猜,除了指天椒和川花椒以外,裏面應該還有茴香子丶蒜茸。但那若有若無的果子味,似是無花果也像火龍果。追問生產商,答案只是水果。就如可口可樂的 “7X”。





Non-Decodable Recipe

I am a popular food buddy. In addition to being a foodie, I also love to decode recipes, including doneness, ingredients and seasonings. Those who love to cook can plagiarise.

My senior classmate of tea ceremony gave me a bottle of wild mushroom sauce from Yunnan, which made my eyes shine. I smell a unique fragrance through the bottle; hehe! Maybe the packaging is not air tight enough. The first bite feels smooth, delicious but not exciting, but the ingredients inside are more flavorful the more you chew, and the more you chew the more you want to eat. There is the fragrance of chilli but not hot; the excitement of Sichuan pepper but not numb. The taste is all-encompassing but it is harmonious in any way, like a septette choir, no one grabs the limelight.

This bottle of sauce reminds me of Dong Xiaoyuan described by the Taiwanese historic novelist Gao Yang. One of the four famous courtesans in the late Ming Dynasty, it is said that Emperor Shunzhi became a monk for her. Gao Yang described the first sight as unremarkable, but the more he looked at her, the more pleasing to the eye, and the more he looked at it, the more reluctant to let go. Looking for a similar beauty, I would suggest Wu Qianlian. She is also versatile but low-key and not noisy. Very attractive timeless beauty.

Based on my superficial knowledge of Yunnan cuisine, I guess that in addition to chilli and Sichuan peppercorns, there should be fennel seeds and garlic in it. But if there is a fruity taste, it looks like a fig or a dragon fruit. We ask the manufacturer, the answer is just fruit. Just like Coca-Cola's "7X".

Good things are meant to be shared. So I acquired a small batch of goods. It is manufactured by the sister in law of my ancient tree Puer tea producer in her private kitchen. Production is limited.

Would you like to decode the recipe?




Yunnan Wild Fungi Sauce







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