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One Second Thought for Good Wine



全球絕大多數釀酒師一致公認,美樂 (梅鹿)葡萄在義大利托斯卡納馬雷馬區種植的最出色,在六零年代崛起的西施佳雅就是租賃了馬雷馬區的莊園。人怕出名豬怕肥,西施佳雅成名後業主Tua家族在80年中期不再續約,把葡萄園收回另起爐灶,邀請當時得令,在名莊Frescobaldi 效力的釀酒師加盟,以家族的名義自己灌瓶。旗艦標就是馬雷馬區的Redigaffi, 馬雷馬的純美樂。

Tua Rita Redigaffi 2012

環宇好價: 每瓶 HKD1228 最少6瓶 快者得

且看大師 James Suckling 的評語:

- 預售貨品預期2018年8月中抵港
- 百分百預付確認訂單
- 书面确认訂單
- 不包括歐洲整合空運抵港價格,運費會按訂單數量報價
- 如不中標,原銀14個工作天內不含利息奉還
- 港幣3千以上本地免費送貨或港幣98附加運費
- 澳門和中國內地的運費和稅額需另報價

You may hear seniors always complain old stuffs are better than new. Sometimes it is the case.

If you doubt the earlier vintages of Sassicaia before the mid 80's seems more delicious. That might not be surprising. Perhaps it is because the wine is not aged enough. Or it is because one of the best plot of vineyard was no longer rented to Sassicaia.

Most of the winemakers in the world agree that Maremma of Tuscany in Italy planted the best Merlot. When Sassicaia rose in the 60's they rented the vineyard in Maremma. After they became word renowned, the landlord Tua family no longer extend the lease. They hired top wine maker from Frescobaldi to make wine and bottle their own label under their name Tua Rita. Their flagship label is Redigaffi, pure merlot from Maremma.

Tua Rita Redigaffi 2012

Super good price in the world : HKD1228 /btl Minimum 6 bottles

Let's see how James Suckling comment:

Compelling aromas of chili pepper, nuts, beeswax and dark fruits with dried strawberries. Hints of black olives and meat. Full body with extremely thick, silky tannins and a long, flavorful finish. This is layered and so structured, with fabulous length and density. Savory. Chocolate powder at the end. This needs at least three or four years of bottle age. A triumph for the vintage. Pure merlot.

Terms and conditions:
-Pre-arrival products ETA mid-August 2018.
-100% advance payment to confirm order.
-Availability upon written confirmation.
-Price does not include Europe to HK consolidated air shipping, shipping cost to be quoted according to order quantity.
-In case we loss the bid, full amount to be refunded within 14 working days without interest.
-HK local delivery charge HKD98 for order below HKD3000. -PRC Macau courier and duty to be quoted separately.

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