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Life is too Short for Second Best 人生苦短 何苦就次

人生苦短 何苦就次

今天不是談武俠經,而是談鮮為人知的產區Condrieu .喜歡它的廣東拼音,因為型仔,也因為更襯她的傳說。

話説羅馬大軍征討波斯時把充滿香薰特性的維歐尼Viognier萄葡帶到歐洲。本來打算在Beaujolais 區種植,卻在Condrieu給海盜洗劫。葡萄也在這兒紮根,釀出在18世紀紅遍歐亞的佳醸。

今天全球都有維歐尼白,論高雅狂都兒區無出其右,論經典要數喬治雲尼莊。他們家共8傾狂刀兒,共出三個標韱。要麼不喝丶要喝就喝最好的。Coteau de Venon 來自最老的莊園,平均藤齡60歳,長在近乎45度陡坡。年產800至1200瓶。那份高雅丶那份層次,那份嚼頭、那份內涵丶那份藴藉,站在夢夏山(Montrachet 論價格該譯作望嚇死)前毫不遜色,豐富的礦物,平添一份俊朗而且潻壽。



Life is too Short for Second Best

I would like to share a very happy drinking experience of the legendary Condrieu with you.

Condrieu is located in Northern Rhone. It is believed that the grape Viognier with distinctive aromatic character was brought by a Roman troop who got it from their Persian campaign. The soldiers originally would like to plant them in Beaujolais but they were robbed by pirates in Condrieu. Locals planted them well and made very lovely wine which was once extremely popular in the 18th Century among Europe and the Middle East.

Viognier wine can be found every where in the world nowadays. In terms of the elegance and finesses, Domaine George Vernay is second to none. They have 8 Hectare of Viognier making 3 labels. Coteau de Vernon is made from grapes harvested from the oldest vineyard with average vine age of 60 years. Vines grow on 45 degree steep slope. Annual production 800 to 1200 bottles. In terms of elegance, layers, chewiness, complexity, structures and sophistication, it still stands very tall in front of Montrachet. The high minerals contents make it looks handsome and add longevity.

We are very fortune to find a bunch with good price:

Domaine George Vernay Coteau De Vernon Condrieu 2014 0.75
HKD5808  per case of 6 bottles

Terms and Conditions 條款:

-Pre-arrival products ETA late July2018 預售貨品預期2018年7月底抵港
-100% Advance payment to secure order 百分百預付確認訂單
-Price does not include consolidate air shipment from Europe. Shipping cost will be quoted according to quantity of order.不包括歐洲整合空運抵港價格。運費會按訂單數量報價。
⁃In case we loss the bid, full amount will be refunded in 14 working days without interests. 如不中標,原銀14工作天內不含利息奉還。
⁃Minimum order 6 bottles 最小訂單6瓶起。
⁃Courier charge and tax of Macau and PRC to be quoted separately 澳門和中國內地的運費和稅額需另報價。

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