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遞弱代償話醬油 Philosophy and Soya




這個理論認為:宇宙萬物演化遵循一個規律:越是原始簡單的物種其存在度越高,越是後來衍生的複雜物種, 其存在度越低,並且存在度呈遞減趨勢,此為遞弱。後衍的物種為了保證自身能夠穩定長期存在,就會相應增加和發展自身存續的能力及結構屬性,此為代償。隨着物種屬性和複雜度的提高,他的存在度趨近於零。





Philosophy and Soya

Followed by Chubby Luo’s video "Logic Thinking" to follow up "Sapiens " by Yuval Harari, and then discovered Wang Dongyue's “General Theory of Evolution”. The author's "Compensation of Degeneration " theory made me say nothing! Standing on the front road of how to face the age of artificial intelligence, the works of these two masters are very enlightening.

Those who study Medical know what compensation is. To explain the "Compensation of Degeneration," I was exhausted, and I had to borrow the elaboration from the “Headline Daily” editor.

This theory believes that the evolution of all beings in the universe follows a rule: the more primitive and simple species, the higher their existence, and the more complex species derived later, the lower their existence, and the decreasing their existence, which is “Degeneration”. In order to ensure their stable and long-term existence, later-developed species will correspondingly increase and develop their ability to survive and structural attributes, which is “Compensation”. With the increase of species attributes and complexity, his existence is approaching zero.

This is a bit too complicated. Perhaps we can refer to the mid-aged and elderly people scolding young people today for their spoilage, and they will starve to death when difficult days come.

Maybe we can use soy sauce as an analogy. Every household in the ancient times made their own soya sauces. Don't you see the Chinese Farmer’s calendar common "Suitable for making soya"? A small dish of soy sauce to accompany the meal, no matter how poor the culinary skills, the cook can also pass the harsh standard of the mother-in-law. Take a look at your kitchen today; there are Maggi sauce, chicken sauce, chicken powder, fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, Worcestershire sauce, chili sauce, BBQ sauce, OK sauce, which are as spectacular as ladies' dressers Cosmetics. Because modern industrialized soy sauce, under the effect of “Compensation of Degeneration”, a large amount of additives and human intervention are input, only "dead saltiness" is left, so various seasonings are needed.

A drop of Doyoubo "Gam Tin" low sodium soy sauce added to my abalone and papaya chicken soup, the simple home-made soup suddenly surged up. I finally understand why I didn't like soy sauce seasoning since I was a child, because I have never encountered a good product. Mr. Feng Shui can lie to you for ten years. Why not spend HKD68 to experience this enlightening theory and check if I were a liar.

Who said that philosophy cannot survive? At least you can pick soy sauce!

DYB Artisan Lite Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce / Less sodium


180 ml HKD68/ 500ml HKD128

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