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Romantic Forecast

Happy times fly. It seems that not so happy times also fly. I guess the current international and social affairs keep everyone busy in front of the monitor of all kinds of electronic devices.

While you are struggling between to go or to stay, don’t forget that CNY and the Valentine’s Day is around the corner. A nice bottle of wine to celebrate the holidays is even more sought after in times of chaos.

The below three labels will certainly surprise you!

What kind of cepage will ladies find it irresistible? I am pretty sure that Gewürztraminer and Muscat are on the list.

Stephane Bannwarth, a master of “Orange Wine” created another masterpiece. He made his Muscat a sparkling “orange” and let the aromas of rose, white tea, lychee and cardamom burst with the bubbles. Even boys find it irresistible.

Stephane is indeed a big naughty boy of Alsace. He makes Gewürztraminer like an ever changing Lady Gaga. He made sweet and dry, green harvest and late harvest, still and sparkling, traditional and modern. What else can he make? This time, he made Gewürztraminer a rose. Totally ripened Ge is rosey in colour. In addition to the long time maceration with grape skin to extract pigment, it makes fascinating colour. The tannin it gets from long time skin contact leverage the sweetness. It is an awesome bottle of wine and very versatile in food pairing.

If you and darling have a conservative type of taste, perhaps the Rose Tavel of Domaine Des Carabiniers fits you most. It is value for money with good longevity in the bottle, also very versatile with food pairing. Most important, its Chinese name meaning is very lucky with blessings.

Wine with charming colour and inviting floral notes, in addition to a soft intoxication, I can tell a very romantic affair waiting for you ahead.

For those lone he wolves and lone she wolves, let’s howl together with a nice bottle and manufacture your own romance!

Laurent BANNWARTH Muscat Frizz Pet ' Nat 2016 0.75

Laurent BANNWARTH La Vie En Rose 2016

Domaines Des Carabiniers Tavel Rose
御林騎 泰富桃紅 A.O.P. 2018 0.75cl

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