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約會九千歲 Rendezvous Avec Nuef Milles Ans





時間:11:00 -15:00

地點:旺角上海街555號香港康得思酒店6 明閣

費用:每位 HKD988+10%


Rendezvous Avec Nuef Milles Ans

The Pu'er tea in Baoshan District is a hidden gem of Yunnan. It borders Tibet and Myanmar and is irrigated by the Nu River and Lincang River.  Far away from the hustle and bustle and not polluted by tourists, the population is only 2 million, the natural and original grown 3,000-year-old tea trees are well preserved. Compared with the commercial Xishuangbanna and Dali artificially cultivated and over-harvested terraced tea, it is much more natural and pure, sweet and nourishing, and the tea Qi is powerful. Tina Cellar and Ming Court solemnly present the "Rendezvous Avec Neuf Milles Ans" tea lunch, tasting 1985 vintage of loose tea, and large formats of 1 Kg Green Cake and 3 Kg Green Cake which is maga rare, from the 3200 years ancient arbor of Baoshan. It is paired with artisan dim sum and award-winning dishes. We promise you a spectacular weekend!

Date : 1 Oct 2021
Time : 11:00 am to 15:00pm
Venue: Ming Court
Cost : HKD988 +10%


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