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天娜茶語 之 又上一課 Another Tea Ceremony Lesson

天娜茶語 之 又上一課




經莊主的點撥,原來這手五百年的古樹滇紅,其發酵的工序是為耐陳抗濕而設,需要陳一兩年。如果要現在享用,開茶的 水溫不能沸騰,也不能用紫砂茶具,用瓷器才能感受到它的好處。原本是打算陳些年才推出,無奈薄命的四百年古樹失收,我才有機會提前喝。





Another Tea Ceremony Lesson

The Yunnan Baoshan 400-year-old Dianhong 2020 Spring Tea that I introduced last year is very popular. The fragrance of honey and yellow magnolia lingers for a long time. It is not an exaggeration to say that the breath is like orchids. The production of this tea is limited and there is not much left.
As soon as the dragon boat drum stops, we are eagerly looking forward to the new tea of 2021.

Hearing the bad news that the tea merchant had poor harvest, I was immediately discouraged! What's worse, two 400-year-old trees withered, it was really heart breaking. Ever since I heard that there are so many dams built on the Nu Jiang River (Salween River in Burma) and the Lancang River (Mekong in Thailand), I have been worried that there will be no good Pu’er tea to drink. I hope God will bless these two Pu'er mother rivers.

The 2021 quota for the 400-year-old tree Pu’er Black is really small. Fortunately, the producer was willing to allocate some 500-year-old 2021 Pu’er Black tea first flush. When tea samples arrived, I couldn't wait to try brewing. In theory, the five-hundred-year-old tree tea should be richer, thicker and more layered than the four-hundred-year-old tea. However, this is not the case at all for this 500-year-old tea office. The taste is very smooth, the aftertaste is sweet, the pectin is also rich, and the minerals are high; but it doesn't smell, and the smell is a bit sluggish, as if the tea was depressed. I complained to the owner immediately!

As explained by the owner, it turns out that the fermentation process of this 500-year-old ancient tree blacked tea is designed to resist ageing and moisture, and it needs to be aged for one or two years. If you want to enjoy it now, the water temperature for brewing should not boiling, nor can you use a Purple Clay tea set. You can elaborate its merits only with porcelain. It was originally planned to be released after a few years of ageing, and I had the chance to drink it in advance because the fateful four-hundred-year-old tree was lost.

Sure enough, according to the owner's instructions to brew again, the effect is much better than the first time, and the honey fragrance is back. I used less hot water for the second infusion, the contour gradually becomes obvious. Suddenly I remembered that the Executive Chef of China Tang did the cold brewing for the 400 Years Old Tree Pu’er Black, and it was well accepted, I reckon that the 500 Years Tree Tea will be suitable for cold brewing.

I use one liter of French Volvic mineral water, put 10g of tea, and put it in the veggie compartment of the refrigerator. Twelve hours later......oh my god! It's Damascus rose water! After putting it in the living room for two hours to warm up…….it was like “Concubine’s Smile “Lychee. As temperature went a bit higher, honey fragrance of Sauvignon Blanc is back! The smooth and silky mouthfeel, the graceful rock sugar reminiscent; I have never imagined that cold brewing of ancient tree tea has such an amazing effect. The tannins are so meticulous. In general, ancient tree tea from 300 years old tree up, it has to be brew with boiling water. I did not expect this to be an iceberg beauty! Maybe she will become Lady Fire in a few years time.

Same philosophy as wine, young Bordeaux is very pleasant to drink slightly cool! It is another lesson for me.

Yunnan Baoshan 500-year-old Pu’er Black Tea 2021 First Flush

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