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冰肌玉骨擬冰島 The Beauty of Iceland








南逼口感棉柔、回甘快、高甜、果膠濃,珍藏潛力高。壩歪茶如其名,氣香皆霸、口感剛勁;最容易辨別是他有一股鮮甜豆漿的香氣。地界結構工整,茶氣持久厚醇,我會比喻為Latour 的平衡、Graud Larose 的豐腴。糯伍高香,餘韻綿長,口感細膩鮮活。





日期: 2021 年7月3日
時間: 5:30pm
地點: 中環置地廣場唐人館
費用:每位HKD 3288+10%

The Beauty of Iceland 

If you ask me to suggest a DRC of tea, I shall tell you that it must be Iceland Puer without a second’s thought.

Here we are talking about an old village in Puer, Yunnan, not the one in Northern Europe.

“Iceland “Puer is the most sought-after dark tea because of its unique micro climate and terroir. Not to mentioned the unpolluted natural environment, original grown arbor, never commercially grown, nor over harvested which account for its purity and high quality.

“Iceland “is very much like Pinot Noir for its elegant body, scent of spring flowers, with heart note of plumes and dates and honey notes. It lingers a long time at your sternum, the tea “Qi” is generous and majestic. The colour looks pale and weak, it is so powerful that you will sweat between fingers after drinking 3 infusions. It is because it accelerates your micro circulation. It is very much like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

There are 5 Crus in “Iceland”. From the North to the South, they are: Nanbi, Laozhai, Bawai, Boundary and Nuowu.
These five Crus are so close to each and other and share similarities of high-altitude ancient arbor tea. Their fans are like those of Bordeaux, Burgundies and Barolos, to appreciate the micro differences of each cru, they are very happy to spend a fortune.

Nanbi is soft and gentle, with sweet after taste emerges quickly, very rich pectin and good cellar potential. Bawai is robust and masculine, very powerful kick with a distinctive sweetness of soya milk. Boundary is of very good structure, “Qi” lasts long and rich. I will describe it as the balance of Latour and the roundness and suppleness of Graud Larose. Nuowu is very fragrance, after taste is very long with a very vibrant, fresh and delicate mouth feel.

Laozhai is like the DRC of DRC, not only because of the similar price, but also it contains all good characteristic of the rest but more sophisticated and delicate. You may come across many big beauties, but seldom with the perfect skin white as ivory and soft as silk and smells good . Laozhai gives you such impression.

I am so fortune to have a small collection of Bawai, Boundary and Laozhai to share with my tea buddies at a friendly price. It includes the medium and the tallest ancient arbor of Laozhai.

We take pride to have the renowned star chef Mr Menex Cheung to design the menu for us to pair with the tea.

“Iceland “Puer is on my bucket list. It was shocking news to all tea circle that very senior influentials are resettling the original villages. We are so concerned that “Iceland “would become a Swan Song.

To experience the purest of the puer Puer, do not miss our tea dinner at the China Tang

Date: 3 July 2021
Time: 5:30 PM
Venue: China Tang at the Landmark Central
Cost: HKD 3288+10% per person
Tea List: Bawai Cuvee 2020 Loose Tea/Boundary Single Arbor 2020 Loose Tea/ Laozhai Medium Tall 2018 Pressed Green Cake/ Laozhai Tallest Arbor 2018 Pressed Green Cake.
Menu: Please see above.



娜茶語-冰肌玉骨(上) 五條村莊和冰島介紹



天娜茶語-冰肌玉骨(上) 五條村莊和冰島介紹


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