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The Bigger the Happier越大越高興


The Bigger the Happier



Think no evil ! I am just talking about the size of bottle.



Unlike your peanut butter or shampoo, the bigger size of a wine bottle does not mean an economic or family size that make it a better bargain. Larger format of bottles needs thicker glass and less quantity but higher cost in manufacturing, therefore , large format is usually more expensive in volume than that of standard bottle size.



Many wine connoisseurs take only large format. Bigger size means longer cellar potential and bottle life. Also slow ageing results in more refined structure of the wine.There is no official explanation why, as far as I know, but many experts think that it is the proportion of surface area receiving lights and volume of wine ratio. Wine will age faster under lights. Big bottle receives less lights in terms of surface volume ratio. In real life , bigger bottle really age slower and the structure is much more refined.

許多酒迷只收藏大瓶裝,因為大瓶裝的樽齡和窖藏潛力較長,慢慢的陳化出來的酒結構越發精緻細膩。據我所知,至目前還沒有正式的研究解釋這現象。有些專家認為是大瓶容積與受光面積的比例導致。葡萄酒在光線下會較快老化, 大瓶裝的酒按容積和受光面積的比例比較低,受光較少。事實上,大瓶較耐陳而且結構更精緻嚴謹。



It is the same case of cigar , tea and perfume. Many of my wine buddies know that I used to be involved with all these items. Bigger box of cigars age better and taste better. Bigger size of compressed tea has a much longer life than loose tea and much better structure. We do not drink perfume but small bottles turn flat faster.

情況跟茶,雪茄和香水一樣。我的酒友們都知道我涉獵過這些。大盒裝雪茄陳出來特別香,大體積的緊壓茶比散茶需要更長時間陳化, 陳出來的茶結構更精緻。雖然我們不喝香水,但小瓶裝的香水較大瓶較快走香。


What make you stand tall in a wine dine party ? Of course a magnum bottle on the table. Bigger the bottle more fun with friends and the loved ones .

怎樣才能在宴會中高人一等? 當然是放一瓶麥林裝的葡萄酒在桌面上囉!大瓶一點與親友更盡興 !


Consider the below bin end offer of Xavier magnum for your CNY parties . They are all very enjoyable now .

春節聚會,請考慮下列夏維雅麥林裝紅酒貨尾特惠, 現在飲用,非常怡人!


Rhone red usually gives drinkers a very rustic , bold and masculine impression. In Xavier ‘s cuvee, you will find finesses and elegance in addition to the high ratings.





Xavier Cote Du Rhone Rouge 2010 (RP90) 1.5 liter

Original HKD 388 Special Bin End Offer HKD 288


Xavier Vacqueyras 2010 (RP 91) 1.5 liter

Original HKD688 Bin End OfferHKD388


Xavier Chateauneuf Du Pape Rouge 2009 (RP91) 1.5 liter

Original HKD838 Bin End Offer HKD 588



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  • Min order of HKD3000 for free delivery or HKD 98 surcharge 港幣三千圓免費送貨或HKD98 附加運費
  • First come first serve, goods sell while stock last.先到先得,售完即止


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