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From Snake to Lamb從蛇到羊

From Snake to Lamb



CNY is around the corner. Normally we do Chinese Zodiac fortune telling for the upcoming year. Obviously next year is the year of Rooster. Why talking about past years of Snake and Lamb?



Please do not get me wrong. We are talking about a spectacular Roussillon white wine here. The Grenache Blanc 2012 of Domaine Vents du Sud. It is colorful and versatile. It seems that winter disappeared this year. This week is a bit cooler and I think of snake soup and lamb hot pot. This pleasant bottle of wine would be most suitable.



Appellations in Southern France allows 20 something white varietals for white wine. White Grenache is common place but seldom take part for solo. Grenache Blanc in Southern Rhone is rigid, in Languedoc more supple and round , in Roussillon the most wonderful. It is curvaceous with lots of fruits, spice and mineral.



Domiane Vents du Sud is a husband and wife partnership. Jean Claude Villies is an engineer and a big wine fans as well. He loves wine so much so he plant his own grape and makes his own wine. His beloved wife follows his dream and looks for good field. After 30 years, they have their own domaine. They also provide vacation service at the vineyard. They are not the type of estate with a butleress wearing a bonnet to serve you; but the the recreational camp type with facilities for organic farming , trail walking and sailing. They are very down to the earth and modest.



Domaine Vents du Sud have more than 10 labels, among them Grenache Blanc is the most amiable. Vintage 2012 is made with very nostalgic method of “ Orange Wine” . It is long time maceration with grape skin and extracts all the pigment. The first impression on the nose is like Nanmu Sandal wood and ambergris, Indian incense . In the middle note, it offers smashed banana and chocolate; very interesting and full of surprises.



Jean Claude does not make every year the “ Orange Wine” ( deep orange colour white white not really made of orange) but only with good year’s harvest. There are only a few dozens left for 2012. Annual production 1200 bottles. The soonest “Orange” Grenache Blanc will be 2017 which will be ready for the market in 2018.



The wine is now at its peak. It goes well with from shrimp dumplings, Xiao Mai to snake soup and lamb, even desserts. Bring this bottle to your dinner party and you may show off not the big name but your knowledge as an expert.



Domaine Vents du Sud 2012 0.75 Original HKD 388 Special Offer HKD 338

南嵐酒莊白格納殊2012 0.75 原價HKD388 特價HKD 338










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