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The Blessing from Tina Cellar 天娜酒窖的祝願

Logo Secret 秘密




將天娜酒窖和繆仙兒的英文縮寫“T“  和“M”用古書法字體合起來,就像一個 “幣”字的簡體版;象徵財富。


也像一隻“青蚨” 是傳說中會把花了的錢帶回來,寓意生財有道, 生生不息。


新春送天娜酒窖的酒給親友,把祝福傳出去 !


The Blessing from Tina Cellar

The logo of Tina Cellar itself is indeed a lucky charm.

The initial of Tina Cellar and Musigny Publishing Company “T “and “M” combined looks like the Chinese character of “currency” and symbolizes fortune and wealth.

The design looks like a flying butterfly and sounds like lots of wealth in Chinese.

It also looks like a mythical cicada that brings spent out money back, meaning to make money with good faith and good turnover.

It, again, looks like a bat that carries gold coin and sounds like “Happiness “in Chinese.

Choose Tina Cellar’s wine for your loved ones in Chinese New Year and spread the blessings!


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