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A Belated Sharing Foul Play Can Be Cute 遲來的分享 打茅波蠻可愛

Champagne Wine Tasting

遲來的分享     打茅波蠻可愛

還記得我在面書說過,吃椰子雞煲吃得的像個孕婦要撐著腰龜步不出來嗎? 這店在深圳叫潤圓四季椰子雞。




第四次是跟老表一起去;仍然打破不了五個人點四隻雞的詛咒,但發明了新的吃法,傳統式椰子水後下清熱,由於吃得兇也喝得兇;索性最後點了兩個新鮮的椰青,關了爐火後下椰青水稀釋濃湯暍了,求疏肝解鬱,爽死! 這優良的保健驗方,持續實行。第四次第五次去,都是吃得杯盤狼藉,儘管今天已實行中央屠宰,鮮味略遜,但美味依舊誘人。 這幾天氣嚴寒吃膩了羊腩煲,很想來個清新又和暖的椰子雞煲。燙咀的脆皮雞丶雞腸的膏腴丶配一口冰冷的香檳化開,餘韻帶點青梅.......唉!饞魔又來呼喚我!

* * * 

A Belated Sharing
Foul Play Can Be Cute
Hello my wine buddies! Did you remember I mentioned a coco chicken hot pot restaurant that is so good that I walked like a pregnant woman after eating. This restaurant is called the 4 Season Phoenix Coconut Chicken Hot Pot in Shenzhen.
The first time I went is recommended by a friend there. It was stunningly crowded with 600 tables waiting in line. Due to some very influential friends, I had an VIP room waiting for me. It was around 4 years ago when centralized gutting was not practiced in Shenzhen. All ingredients were directly air freighted from Hainan Island. White skin of Man Cheong Chicken was crispy like Jacob’s crackers; not greasy at all but clean and sweet. I do not want to repeat the classic boring criticism of chicken has got chicken taste. The basic broth is the old coconut meat and wild little water chestnuts. So small the size that the peeling is pains taking. It endures long time cooking. When it is not done, it is very tough. The longer time you cook it, the more sweeter and crispier it becomes.
Surely they have other dishes for hot pot. The most delicious and devilish is the chicken insides especially the intestine. When paired with Champagne, you simply cannot stop eating and drinking.
Second time I went with new friends. We arrived before five and expected seat to be still available after 9 months of calming down. I was wrong and there were still 600 in line. I had no choice but bothered my influential friends again to book. Once connected, the crowd was split into two halves like Mosses crossing the Red Sea. It was cool. Two new comers had never been trained by Tina Cellar and they overate too much. We were only 5 but ordered 4 chickens because of the intestine, and the water chestnuts, soya products, veggie and corn for the Champagne. Last but not least, the signature Fried Black Rice. We can hardly move after the meal.
The third time I went was with my cousins. We could not break the curse of 5 people ordering 4 chickens, but we invented new way to enjoy it. After the ingredient for hot pot was finish, we ordered two fresh young coconut, not for beverage but for soup. We added them to the hot pot to diluted the soup after longtime simmering and drank as soup. It helps easing our heavily loaded liver and the fullness.
This good tradition of well-being was kept. The 4th and the 5th time I went, there were still many many crookeries piling up on the table. Despite Shenzhen had already started centralized gutting and freshness was not as before, the taste was still very tempting.
Having had so many times for lamb belly pot these days, I miss a “light “and warm coco chicken hot pot. Sizzling chicken skin, the creamy intestine, leveraged by cool powerful champagne with lovely green plum aftertaste. O.M.G, I hear the call of devil of gluttony.

* * *

時間:2018年2月9日 下午6時30分



可接受WhatsApp 留位 9466 8559



Join us this Friday. Limited seats of 12. We shall get together in Wanchai pier cross city bus stop and bring wine together.

Date: 9 Feb 2018

Time: 6:30

Wan Chai Ferry Pier Cross-boundary bus stop

Cost: Approximately HKD 400 for food and HKD 200 for wine.

  • Please remember your travel document.
  • Anyone interested in chartering a van, let me know by Wednesday!

Please sign in.

WhatsApp to 9466 8559, or Email to info@tinacellar.com.

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