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Tributes to Seaweed 海藻頌

Tributes to Seaweed

t is now the 3rd year that we have this tradition at our humble restaurant on Lamma to host this Seaweed Gala. Original idea is just for foodie and gourmet. Then introduced by Paola and Ignacio, the die-hard fans of my food and wine, I met Professor of Design Faculty of HKU and Poly U, Laurent and Valerie who happen to be volunteers of conservation of coastal ecology. The couple have been doing researches for marine life for years.


Now we have a new meaning of our Seaweed Gala, not just for fun and good meals, but also for delivering the message of green living.


Forest in the Amazon contribute only 20% of the oxygen of our planet Earth, according to experts and studies. The rest of 80% of our oxygen is provided by the photosynthesis of all marine plants. Seaweed plays the most important role. Abundant portion of seaweed habitat has been destroyed by the insecticide we use for cotton tree. The situation is worsening.


By hosting the Seaweed Gala, we would like all villagers of our planet Earth to keep our life green and love our oceans. Good living is not just about good wine and dine, but also a sustainable environment for our future generations and treasure the gift from our Mother Nature.


Please save the day for our Seaweed Galas


Gala One on 2 April 2017 7:00 pm at the Genuine Lamma Hilton


Gala Two on 3 June 2017 7:00 pm at the Genuine Lamma Hilton










請記下, 2017海藻誕第一賀是四月二日晚上七時,第二賀是六月三日晚上七時。



Seaweed Gala One 2017 Menu

2 April 2017 7:00pm

Genuine Lamma Hilton


Octopus Poke


Kanpachi Poke


Steamed Prawns with Champagne Lees and Seaweed

Movia Puro Rose 2006


Crab Meat , Mashed Winter Melon and Coral Grass Soup


Steamed Razor Clams with Garlic , Vermicelli and Seaweed



Seaweed Tempura

Movia Gredic 2015


Steamed Crab with Wine Lees , Mixed Mushroom and Seaweed



Steamed Rabbit Fish with Home Aged Mandarin Peel



Movia Lunar Ribolla 2008


Seaweed , Herbs and Green Bean Sweet Soup



HKD 768 per guest ( service inclusive )






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