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We had got through a very tough first season and most clients have been consuming wine stock like me. With the warm weather and the good mood for buying in Spring, I indulged myself today by brewing 2009 Grand Cru Big Red Robe Oolong Tea and paired it with Shrimp Roe and Bean Skin Rolls by Chan Yi Zhai.

Big Red Robe is the top Oolong tea from Wuyi Mountain of Fujian province in China.There are many counterfeit on the market. The first time I tasted a real one was in 1983 given by my girlfriend’s boss. He was dating her and off course was very willing to show is generosity.

Disregard my very shallow tasting and brewing skills at that time, the unique chocolate, orchid , citrus and Longnan aroma was very unforgettable. After this small bunch of nice tea, I had never come across real stuffs.

Until 2009 I met an honest broker and acquire 2007 to 2009 Grand Cru Big Red Robe first generation cut stick. Price has been sky rocketing to an unaffordable level so I stopped acquiring at vintage 2009.

When I open the tin bag, chocolate aroma is punching. The first infusion was intoxicating and made me reluctant to give it up for preparing cups. Aging made the colour of first brew cloudy.



It was great serendipity having an ideal brew of tea in such humid days; I could not help nurturing all my fine cups with fine tea. I use my fine purple clay tea cups to serve it.

I used a Ming porcelain , Osmanthus Ore Purple Clay cup, Sung Black China and a Ching Red Scarlett Purple Clay cup to serve the tea.

The Ming China resulted in perfect structure with obvious backbone; the Osmanthus Ore made Longnan and the unique terroir of Rock Tone of Wuyi Mountain most obvious. Whilst the Sung Black China highlight the sweetness , purity and orchid reminiscent.

Finally the best is Red Purple Clay that consist of all plus suppleness and long lingers.
It was a really rare moment. I felt the call of Red Purple clay to make friends through sharing of fine tea. Please pay attention to my tea activities this year.


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