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Wine Fever 愛藤如命的發燒友




罗兰班威夫瓊瑤漿2013 --就是這樣一款由發燒友精心釀出來的酒。

Wine Fever

Everyone has his likes. When one is fascinated, he will have a passion for excellence and becomes an expert or even a guru. Cantonese calls this passion “feverish”.

Bannwarth family from Alsace insists on hand harvest when grape reaches it optimum ripeness and registered biodynamic viticulture.
One of their labels is Gewurztraminer Nature, a white grape which is regarded as the closest to red grape. When it is ripe, it is indeed pinkish. When it is made sweet, late harvest is practiced meaning acidity will be lowered. Evolution of wine will be a bit boring and too sweet for a second glass. Bannwarth blended it with some green harvest grape to balance the taste and refine the structure.

How feverish are the Bannwarths? They modify by hand all their vehicles to make sure that they will not hurt their vine and soils.

Gewurztraminer Nature is made by this “feverish “producer.
It consists aromas of rose, lychee, passion fruit, Indian gooseberry, peach, apricot and pineapple. On the nose, it smells honey, sweet with clever acidity. The slight fizziness further enhances the crispiness. It pairs well with Sichuan, Thai and curry cuisines, and also good on its own.

This is a very lovely summer wine. 


Laurent BANNWARTH Gewurztraminer 2013 Nature 0.75L

 Price 售價:$398

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