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美味星期四 Yummy Thursday: 橫行公子懷念你 I Miss You, Prince of Laterigrade!


Yummy Thursday: I Miss You, Prince of Laterigrade!


我們身邊一直有兩個美食的迷思: 蟹毒嗎? 該不該吃魚翅? 

資深中醫朋友告訴我;生猛的螃蟹具備以下功效 :清熱解毒、補骨添髓、養筋活血、通經絡、利肢節、滋肝陰、充胃液。 但如果不是生猛的,真的無益,反而有害。 


三年沒有舉辦過蟹宴,十分懷念桃紅酒配蟹膏的滋味。明天可能掉一個戰鬥機下來,不吃白不吃,盡情點吃頓好 ! 

日期: 2022年10月13日 星期四

時間: 12:30pm

地點: 南丫漁村酒家

交通: 中環四號碼頭索罟灣線 11:50am 航班, 回程4:05/5:35 pm 航班

費用: 每位HKD 1998+10%




There are two myths around foodies: Is crab toxic and should be avoided? Should we eat shark’s fin? 

A senior Chinese Herbalist friend told me that live crab has got below benefits: Soothing heat, detox, beneficial to bone marrow, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen joints, nourish liver and stomach. However if the crab you eat is not alive, it would be better to avoid it. 

Shark’s fin is originally a home recipe of fishermen. As they always work under sun, Shark’s fin replenishes calcium colloidal and collagen. It prevents TB. For sure we are against over hunting and showing off, however  I think it is not sinful to eat for  nourishment when necessary. 

We have not hosted Crab feast for 3 years. We miss the taste of crab roe matching rose wine. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Why not enjoy good food first? 

Date: 13th Oct 2022 Thursday 

Time: 12:30 pm

Venue: The Genuine Lamma Hilton

Transportation: Pier 4 Central Sok Kwu Wan Line 11:50 am, return trip 4:05 / 5:35 pm

Cost: HKD 1998 + 10% per head


秋 水 共 長 天 一 色

既 見 秋 霞 思 美 食

惡 鯊 霸 道 遭 摘 翅

橫 行 無 腸 蟹 本 色



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