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美味星期四 - 品粉 Yummy Thursday - Drink Pink


Yummy Thursday - Drink Pink

美味星期四 - 品粉 

@ Genuine Lamma Hilton

Undoubtedly, icy cool bubbles will be ideal for summer. What's cooler than sneaking out on a busy weekday enjoying fresh seafood, sea breezes and picturesque blue sky while others are working like hell. Join us on 4 Aug 2022 at noon and sip cult pink bubbles. 

無庸置疑,夏日最佳葡萄酒非汽酒莫屬。 當人人在營營役役,還有比偷閒享受碧海南天、海風美食更爽嗎?2022年8月4日中午,跟我們一塊喝桃紅色的膜拜酒吧!

Tina Cellar Yummy Thursday - Drink Pink

Date : 4 Aug 2022

Time : 12:30pm to 3:30pm

Venue : Genuine Lamma Hilton Fishing Village Restaurant

Transportation : 11:50 am Ferry from Central Pier 4 Sok Kwu Wan Line or 11:00am  Chuan Kee Ferry from Aberdeen Centre Promenade

Fee: HKD 888+10% per head


美味星期四 - 品粉 

日期:202284日 (星期四)

時間:12:30 pm 至3:30 pm

地點: 南丫島索罟灣漁村酒家

交通: 中環四號碼頭索罟灣線11:50航班 或 香港仔中心海傍全記街渡11:00am航班

費用:每位HKD888+10% (8人一枱)




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