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WE cannot celebrate Spring without bubbles 迎春不能沒汽泡

Action Greedy Cat Champagne Chinese New Year Special offer Gratiot










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WE cannot celebrate Spring without  bubbles

Everyone knows that I am sensational and I like things with a humane touch. This can only be felt but not expressed.

Gratiot is a grower Champagne house with a passion to their homeland. The founder Marie – Desire was born in 1868. To feed his family he took care of 1.5 hectare of vineyard in Vallee Sur Marne. Days were tough but he never traded off the quality. The base wine he made won acclaims from all peers around. And he won the Diploma of Prestigious during an agronomy contest in Paris in 1899.


Following the straight family motto of quality, the 4 following generations made great Champagne one after one, from selling base wine to bottling their own brand. Now the fifth generation Remy is proud of his persistence of patrolling his 18 hectare of 7 different villages of 42 different terroir vineyard on a weekly basis. He uses Pinot Meunier as the ambassador of his home town and elaborates terroir to the world .


Big names Champagne houses always promote Blanc de Blancs. Indeed many pure Chardonnay Champagnes are made spectacularly under green harvest. I guess, to the wine merchants, Chardonnay is of the lowest risk, because Chardonnay can be made at 12% achohol under green harvest. Everyone knows that there are 3 major type of grapes in Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Pinot Meunier is a dark grape. It is so named because there are white spots on the leaves like flour. It is robust and masculine with explosive berries like character. In Montagne de Reims where most drinkers are familiar with, it is most often used as blending and gives backbone to the Champagne. At Vallee Sur Marne, it is well grown into a big handsome boy.


The vineyard of Gratiot is located in the Charly Sur Marne. The Pinot Muenier from this village is with not only vigorous red and black berries character , but also a distinctive aroma of plum. It goes perfectly fine with Pork with Plum, Pork Chop with apple Sauce and Slow Steamed Pork Belly with Pickles.


格拉茲奧香檳  阿曼納殊一號無年份 0.75
原價HKD420 意頭價 :HKD398
85 % 粉品諾 15% 莎當尼
Champagne Gratiot Almanach No.1 NV 0.75
Original HKD420 CNY Lucky Price HKD 398

Effective : now to 15 Feb 2018



二月九日 星期五


6 :30 灣仔碼頭跨境巴士站

我們帶格拉茲奧香檳配雞鍋, AA制預計每位HKD400左右

可接受WhatsApp 留位 9466 8559.

【Action Greedy Cat】

Friday, February 9, 2018
Shenzhen Futian
Phoenix 4 Seasons Hainanese Chicken Hot Pot
6:30 Wan Chai Ferry Pier
We shall take Champagne Gratiot to pair with Chicken Hot Pot . We go Dutch and expect damage at around HKD 400
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