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普洱深度飲 Advance Level Guided Tasting Lunch of Puer Tea





過去三年, 在酒局中遇見不少名莊贗品,以次充好有之、過老悶壞有之; 眼看酒主盛意權權勸酒,怎忍心告訴他真心話,只能唯唯諾諾心裡苦笑。


天娜酒窖與康得思酒店“明閣” 再度攜手推出:《普洱深度飲》品嚐30、40、60、70年的普洱茶,配以明閣精湛的廚藝,伴你度過一個豐盛的週末。


時間:12:00 pm


費用:每位HKD1188 + 10%


Advance Level Guided Tasting Lunch of Puer Tea

It seems that there is no good news on the capital market. Perhaps some luxury necessities will be an alternative for investment and value preserving. For sure watches and cars are on the list. Fish maws, wine and tea may also be considered as a mid long term investment.

Puer tea is regarded as drinkable antique. It is because good quality Puer tea can be aged for a hundred years or more and still be very much alive. The longer you age it, the more tasty and aromatic it will be. However, there are too many choices on the market and it is becoming bewildering, especially when you have no clues about the authenticity.

In the past 3 years, I came across too many counterfeit wines during wine parties. Some put young Rhone into old Bordeaux bottles. Some are cooked. It would be too cruel to tell the sincere host the truth.

Driven by the benevolence of a little woman, I cannot help sharing some of my private collection of back vintage Puer for those who really want to study Puer tea. Once you tasted authentic tea, you will learn how to choose real stuff.

Tina Cellar and Ming Court of The Cordis Hong Kong Cordially present the <Advanced Level Guided Tasting Lunch of Puer Tea> to taste 30,40,60, 70 years old Puer tea pairing with the artisan dishes of Ming Court, to ensure you a fruitful and spectacular weekend.

Date : 8 Oct 2022 Saturday

Time: 12:00pm

Venue : Ming Court The Cordis Hong Kong

Cost : HKD 1188 + 10% per guest

Menu :


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