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獨食難肥 老祖母智慧|Boys Who Do Not Share Food Become Skinny – Old Granny’ s Wisdom

獨食難肥 老祖母智慧


例如俗諺獨食難肥,放在農藝學可以適用於物種多元化。  如果到波爾多上梅鐸區,你會見到葡萄園一律都是葡萄園。如果到意大利托斯卡納的保格瑞,酒郷猶如百納被,紅一塊丶靑一塊丶褐一塊,因為當中夾雜了橄欖田、榛子田和蕃茄田。原來土地物種越多、泥土的內涵越豐富越肥沃, 如果只種單一物種,養份不但不能讓該物種獨享,而且土地將會越來越瘦; 種出來的物種也缺內涵。







Domaine Les Carmels Les Caprices 2017

原價 HKD 238 期酒價HKD198 (最少12 ETA HK 2018 五月底


Domaine Les Carmels Les Vendanges 2014

原價 HKD338 早鳥優惠 HKD288 ETA 2018 十二月中  






-最低起訂量HKD3000,或HKD98 運費





Boys Who Do Not Share Food Became Skinny – Old Granny’ s Wisdom


Boys Who Do Not Share Food Became Skinny – Old Granny’ s Wisdom


Wine beginners are normally scared away by the term “ biodynamic”. Disregard the doctrine of Anthroposophy , it is all about good old granny’s wisdom of the old school. Farming according to lunar calendar and using animal manure to prepare fertilizer has existed for millenniums.


Like the old saying of “ Boys who do not share food become skinny” , it can be applied to bio-diversity. I In Haut Medoc of Bordeaux, you will see vineyard after vineyard. If you go to Bolgheri of Tuscany in Italy, wine country is like a patch work blanket; pieces of red , green, brown scattering around. It is because potato field, hazel nut field and olive field are mixing up here and there. Indeed the more diversified the spices of organism exists on the field , the more fertile the land. Monocrop farming makes soil infertile .

Particular me list no Bordeaux on my collection However , Domaine Les Carmels broke my rules. They are from Bordeaux , not Haut Medoc but Cardillac of Entre-Duex-Mers. 70% of this wine region is covered by forest. Only 30% is used for vine. It is a husband and wife business. They are both wine maker of prominent big producers. Unsustainable farming is not their cup of tea so they started their silent revolution by cultivating their own vineyard all by hand organic as a side business.

They found me because I only sell natural wine. When I tasted the wine, it tangoed with my taste buds.

They make only 2 labels : Les Caprices (3K btls /yr) is a 100% Merlot. Obviously they tried to benchmark Ch. Petrus. Reminiscent of cherry keeps lingering . Les Vendanges (3k+Btl / yr)  is a 80% Melor and 20% Cabernet Franc assemblage. Ha ! It gave of a 65% Cheval Blanc impression. I kept some in a glass and tasted the next day, it seemed that they are copying Masseto.

Look at the price and it is super friendly. Every one afford the wine future.

I guess it is not too difficult to afford the most expensive. Know how to choose reasonable price for the best shows your serenity.


Domaine Les Carmels Les Caprices 2017

Original Price HKD238

En Premuer ETA Late May 2018 HKD 198 ( min 12 bottles)


Domaine Les Vendanges 2014

Original Price HKD 338

Early Bird ETA Mid Dec 2017 HKD 288 (min 12 bottles)


Terms and Conditions

-100% advance payment to secure order

-first come first serve

-In case we loss the bid, full amount will be refunded in 7 working days without interest

-Minimum order for free deliver is HKD 3000 or a surcharge of HKD98

-Macau and PRC delivery will be quoted separately

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