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Debut of Gracious Red Wine Made by Chivalrous Producer 俠骨柔腸的紅酒初登場


 Righteous and faithful Montalbera saved a close to extinction varietal Ruche in the late 60’s while everyone abandoned it to avoid being downgraded; only because It is the unique indigenous grape of its home town and folks should be thankful for the benefit they get from it . This make me associate with the Chinese respected virtue of “ Never abandon friends you made when you were low ,nor desert wife who got through tough times with you”. For such kindness and magnanimity, their wine can hardly be bad.

In 2010 , the home town of Ruche, Castagnole Monferrato was upgraded to D.O.C.G.

Beside Ruche, Montalbera has spent 30 years to nurture their Barolo Levoluzione. Vintage 2013 is grand and majestic.

You are cordially invited to witness the debut dinner of Montalbera Barolo Levoluzione tasting dinner guided by the representative from Italy.



2010 Castaglone Monferrato淥淇的家郷 正式升格為DOCG。

除了悉心裁培淥淇之外,蒙特巴拉三十年磨一劍泡製出Barolo Levolutione .  2013 年份更可登大雅之堂。


地點:西九龍阿士甸路麗嘉酒店Tosca 意大利餐廳


Date : 9 Nov 2017
Time : 12:00 pm Pre lunch stand up tasting / 1:00pm Lunch
Venue : Tosca / Ritz Carlton Hotel
Fee : HKD 980+ 10%


Montalbera Wine Dinner Menu 菜單
Pre Lunch Tasting
 Calypsos Viognier 2016
Moscato d"Asti 2016
Babera La Briosa DOC Frizzante 2015
Barbera Lequilibrio d'Asti Superiore 2013
Barbera Nuda Superiore 2013
Ruche Castalone Monferrato DOCG Vegan 2015

Warm Smoked Potato porcini mushroom adn grano arso crackers
Montalbera Barbaresco Lintuito 2013

Corn pappardelle, duck and chestnut
Ruche Laccento 2015/2010
Veal chop Palermitana, fries and salad
Montalbera Barolo Levoluzione 2013
I Formaggi di Tosca
                                                  Selection of Italian cheeses

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