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Cool Wine in Cold Winter 寒天飲冷酒 美味暖心頭

Central Office Chinese New Year Special offer Cold Winter Cool Wine Ruche 2.0 Wine Tasting

Cool Wine in Cold Winter

It seems that winter is missing this year and it makes us treasure more of our hot pot, risotto casserole and BBQ time. 

Ruche 2.0 is a very rare varietal make with a very short maceration time to maximize the fruitiness resulted in a distinctive wild strawberry note mingled with violet and rose aromas. It has got a very light body but capable of leveraging heavy food. Chill it at around 18-20 degree centigrade, the cool , vivid wine lures you keep eating and drinking. It is so versatile that can much with a wide range of meat.

 Ruche 2.0 surprises you and friends makes your winter gathering more memorable, you bet!

 寒天飲冷酒 美味暖心頭


 淥淇2.0, 一個罕有的葡萄品種,以短時間浸泡發揮最濃的果子味達致鮮明的野洋草莓香、夾了玫瑰和紫羅蘭的氣息。酒體輕盈但卻能消弭肥膩的食物。冰鎮至攝氏18-20度;這涼快、活潑的美酒會勸您一口一口地吃喝下去。百搭的個性可配各種不同的肉類。

 敢打賭嗎? 這淥淇2.0叫您和朋友驚喜,也教您的的冬日聚會更難忘!


Terms and conditions 條款

-100% advance payment prior to delivery. 百分百貨款送貨前預付。

-Minimum order HKD 3000 for free delivery or HKD 98 surcharge. 購滿港幣3000免費送貨或港幣98附加費。

-Goods sell while stock lasts. 數量有限、售完即止。

-Special offer valid until 6 Feb 2018.  優惠期至二零一八年二月六日。



Walk in tasting of Ruche 2.0 at Tina Cellar ‘s Central Office 

1 Feb 2018

Rm 1815A, 18/F Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street , Central.
2:00pm to 6:00pm
Please make appointment
天娜酒窖中環辦公室即興試 Ruche 2.0
1815A室 荊威廣場18樓,威靈頓街一號, 中環



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