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Lets Be Silly 邊個話我傻 旱天一聲雷


邊個話我傻 旱天一聲雷 

廣東人都知道 <旱天雷>一曲; 如果不知道,只要聽到頭一句: 邊個話我傻,大家都知道了。
請留意法語標籤,是用陰性冠詞<La>; 是小傻女的意思。我想這酒跟美少女喝,難保不會做傻事。

Let’ s Be Silly - Orange Sparkling Gewurztraminer

My funny-Frankenstei- like wine maker Stephane Bannwarth have got a new cuvee called La Petite Folie.

This time he makes Gewurztraminer Orange and sparking. “Orange Wine” is very ancient way to make wine by macerating white grape and age with lees for a long time without racking, filtering or using centrifuge to clarify wine. The result is rich bubbles, very crispy yet delicious and covers all the merits of Gewurztraminer. It leaves nearly no traits of alcohol like a sparkling soda. He even use a soda water bottle cap to seal the bottle. What a mischief but he rocks!
Everybody makes Gewurztraminer late harvest, botrytis effect, sweet wine, ice wine and show off the very splendid, brilliant, patrician, and juicy character. Indeed Gewurztraminer grape is as versatile as Riesling and Chenin Blanc that can be made dry and sweet in many many ways. Why can’t we take a “time travel” back to appreciate a teenager girl Gewurztraminer for her young, lively beauty.
Please pay attention to the label. The article is “la” feminine. It means silly little girl. I am afraid if you drink this bottle with a young beauty, it is hard to avoid doing silly things.
Such outrageous way to make wine, it is like a thunder in dry season.

羅蘭斑威夫, 小傻漿2015 年產約一千瓶 預期7月底到貨


原價HKD398 早鳥優惠價 HKD338最低起訂量12瓶 


La Petite Folie 2015 annual production is around 1000 bottles Pre-Arrival ETA late July.

Original HKD398 per bottle

Early Bird Offer HKD338 per bottle minimum 12 bottles


Click here and let’s be silly
點擊這裡 一齊做傻事


Terms and conditions
-pre-arrival products request 100% advance payment to secure order.
-In case we loss the bid, full amount will be refunded without interest in 14 working days.
⁃ above price does not include freight and insurance from Europe to HK. Will be quoted according to order quantity.
⁃ Macau and PRC shipping cost to be quoted separately .
⁃ Minimum order of HKD 3000 for free local HK delivery or a surcharge of HKD98.

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