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Everyone Has One’s Love Song 人人有飲歌

Everyone Has One’s Love Song

When asked which song I will sing when I think of my love, my answer is always “La Vie En Rose “.

Who sang it? Louis Armstrong, Audrey Hepburn, Edit Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, Andre Bocelli, Diana Krall, Danny Chan, Lady Gaga and even the Three Tenors. You can imagine how fascinating and appealing it is. 

My favorite version is Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. She is sitting next to her dream boy, Humphrey Bogart, in a running car and it just comes out that she wants to sing this song. So spontaneous, so direct and so true. It is not just because I like Hepburn, the most important reason of all, is that, I shared the same experience. 

It is indeed a term in French meaning that when someone is in love, everything he sees will be rosy in colour. Can you imagine how many rose wines in the world is named after La Vie En Rose? I myself have tried at least a dozen. 

Laurent Bannwarth has got a La Vie En Rose as well. It is made from pure Gewürztraminer. Are you kidding? Rose wine out of white grape? Yes indeed. When Gewurztraminer is fully ripened, it is pink yellowish in colour. To make this beautiful pink colour, you can imagine how much patience and crafts the producer has to input. It is not just a fancy name, but a well-made unconventional wine. 10 days of skin contacts during maceration adding a very light astringency to wine and elaborate the rose aroma to its utmost. It is a dry wine on the palate though it smells fruits on the nose. The subtle tannins contrast with the lychee fruits. Isn’t it like romantic love? Bitter hidden in sweetness and the bitterness lures you to pursuit sweetness?  

Gewurztraminer is a very versatile varietal. It can be made dry, medium, sweet and very sweet. In most cases, it is made sweet and very sweet to the level of Vendange Tardive and Selection de Grains Noble. Like a woman, she can be very much different in character in her different stages of life; childhood, teenager, dating, married, motherhood, mid age and senior. Most people drink very sweet Ge like appreciating a very sophisticated lady in mink coat. Stephane Bannwarth makes Ge slightly sparkling, sparkling, Orange style sparkling and rose. Ge can be very pleasant, sportive, vivid, capricious, vibrant and outrageous.

Bannwarth ‘s La Vie En Rose is my Hepburn, lady in her late twenty, experienced a bit of heart broken yet still very much clinging to the dream of true love. Sorry that the physical me is now fit for mink coat.



被問到, 想起愛人時,會唱什麼歌。我的答案一定是“粉紅人生”。

誰唱的?路易士 岩士唐、奧黛麗 赫本、小雲雀、瑪麗 迪艾崔、安德列 波切利、戴安娜 克拉爾、
陳百強、Lady Gaga、 甚至三大男高音也演繹過。可想而知這歌魅力和感染力。


“紅粉人生“ 本來是法語的一個表達。意謂沐在愛河的人,眼中一切都美好。你可知道有多少瓶葡萄酒以此命名?我自己起碼也喝過一打。

羅蘭班威夫也有“粉紅人生”桃紅酒; 純淨的瓊瑤漿。開玩笑?白葡萄釀桃紅酒。是啊!瓊瑤漿葡萄完全成熟時是褐黃粉紅色的。為了做這個美麗的顏色,可以想像要投放多少耐性和工藝。它不只是一個花哨的名字,而是一瓶精心炮製而且不落俗套的美酒。十天連皮浸泡為酒添上輕輕的甘澀,而且將玫瑰香發揮到極致。這酒聞香是充滿著果子味,口感卻是乾性的。細膩的單寧與荔枝味成對比。這不就像戀愛嗎?甜蜜中埋藏苦澀 ,而這甘苦又誘使你去追求甜蜜。

瓊瑤漿是一個可塑性很高的葡萄。可以釀造乾性、半甜、甜、很甜、 可以達到“晚採”和“貴腐甜“ 的等級。就像女人;女人不同的人生階段有不同的個性。孩提、婷婷玉立、戀愛中、已婚、母親、徐娘、太君。很多人喜歡喝極甜的瓊瑤漿,猶如欣賞一個身穿貂皮大衣的、雍容發福的成熟貴婦。史提芬班威夫將瓊瑤漿釀成: 輕微有汽泡、氣泡、復古配方有氣”橙酒“,當然還有桃紅。瓊瑤漿可以很清新、活潑、健美、淘氣、活力充沛和離經叛道。


France Alsace Gewurztraminer 法國 阿而薩斯 瓊瑤漿
Laurent Bannwarth La Vie En Rose 羅蘭班威夫 粉紅人生 2016 0.75

Original 原價
HKD 398/btl

Unprecedented Early Bird Shipping Cost Leverage Flash Offer until 30 Nov 2018
破天荒早鳥快閃戥船優惠至 2018年1月30日

6 bottles   HKD1,788
12 bottles HKD3,338

Officially registered bio-dynamic Demeter with annual production around 1200 bottles. Don’t miss it!
正式註冊Demeter級生物動力學,年產千二瓶,萬勿錯過 !

If you cannot wait to try Laurent Bannwarth ‘s La Vie En Rose, it is available at the Ming Court of Cordis HK.     
PS If you would like to learn about Bannwarth’s Ge, please visit our web site and search for all his GEs.   
 PS 如欲了解有關班威夫的其他瓊瑤漿,請瀏覽我們網站。

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