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Foodies Wanted 誠徵飯腳

Foodies Wanted !  誠徵飯腳

Stephane Bannwarth has created a whole range of this type of outrageous wine including a Pinot Gris made red and a Gewurztraminer made Rose. I guess every beginner has heard we use black grape for red wine and white grape for white wine. Stephane makes red wine with white grape and white grape for rose. To challenge the whole range of his weird wine, I would like to go for Sichuanese food, together with his old label Gewurztraminer Nature.

24 June 2017 Flash Mob Food and Wine Pairing Dinner at the Ju Xing House

Featured Wine 選用葡萄酒︰
Laurent Bannwarth La Petit Folie 2015
Laurent Bannwarth Gewurztraminer Nature 2013
Laurent Bannwarth Red Bild 2015
Laurent Bannwarth La Vie En Rose 2016

We go Dutch. Estimated damage HKD 550 per head food + wine

Limited seats of 12 only. First come first serve.

Ju Xing House  聚興家:
G/F, 418 Portland Street Prince Edward, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

時間:2018年6月24日 6點

WhatsApp/電話預約:9466 8559

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