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Pingus 蘋古思

Pingus 蘋古思是西班牙最好的葡萄酒,用口味濃郁的丹魄(Tempranillo)葡萄釀制,帶有黑莓、無花果、乾花的香氣,入口絲滑,餘味超長,陳年潛力可達25-30年以上。美國酒評家羅伯特·派克(Robert Parker)評為98-100分,是西班牙酒中最高評分。一瓶難求,譽為“無冕之王”。

愚見認為Pingus 比享負盛名的Unico ;論結構、論濃郁、論層次、論精緻都更具投資與收藏價值。


No one will disagree that probably Pingus is the best Spanish red wine made with Tempranillo. Remarkable blackberry, fig, dried flower, silky and super lingering. Cellar potential more than 25-30 years and Robert Park rated many vintages 98-100and that is the highest score in his Spanish criticism. It is regarded as the uncrowned King of Spanish wine.

To my humble opinion, in terms of structure, concentration, complexity, finesses, cellar and appreciation potential, I would prefer Pingus to the long time renowned Unico.

Annul production is only 4000 bottles. It is quite impossible to get 1st hand price because big players have got them once released. Bible says prophet has no honour in his own home town. On the contrary, Pingus sells the most expensive in Spain! Bottle age of more than 15 years costs more than 15K HKD.

We are fortunate to have a one day exclusive offer from reliable European broker. Please be quick!

数量qty            每瓶港币/btl
8x75       Pingus 1998 at HKD 5950
3x75       Pingus 2008 at HKD 7760
1x75       Pingus 2011 at HKD 6800
1x75       Pingus 2013 at HKD 6998 



Terms and condition 條款
-100% advance payment to secure order 百份百预付确认订单
-price does not include shipping 价格不含运费
-Europe to HK and HK to China / Macau shipping cost to be quoted separately according to order quantity .欧港以及港中澳空运费、保险费及税费视乎订单数量另报
-In case we loss the bid , full amount to be returned within 14 working days without interest 如不中标原银不含利息14个工作天返还

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