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Never Forgot Your Innocent Faith to Achieve Perfection 不忘初心 方得始終

不忘初心 方得始終

Jacques Selosse 於1949年在Avize特級村成立了這間傳奇香檳酒莊,現時至今一瓶難求,偶爾酒商處流出幾瓶,也是價格高昂。

創始標籤“初心”(Initiale)用Avize特級村的莎當妮釀制,採用較緩的山坡底部葡萄園果實釀制,對葡萄“成熟度”可以說是苛求,採收後的葡萄汁會在228L橡木桶中發酵並陳釀8-12個月,隨後轉移到不銹鋼桶中繼續陳放或者裝瓶。這款白中白Champagne Jacques Selosse Initiale為其入門版香檳酒,為三個年份的混釀,年產2700箱,出廠前陳釀至少36個月。




可靠供應商提供少量,Jacques Selosse Initiale Brut 0.75 每瓶HKD 1488

Never Forgot Your Innocent Faith to Achieve Perfection

Jacques Selosse founded this legendary champagne cellar in Avize Grand Village in 1949. Till now, a bottle is hard to find. Occasionally, a few bottles are flown from the wine merchants, which is also expensive.

“Initiale” is brewed with Chardonnay in Avize Premium Village and brewed with less steep vineyards at the bottom of the hill. The ripeness of the grapes can be said to be demanding. The harvested grape juice had been fermented and aged in 228 L oak barrels for 8-12 months, then transferred to stainless steel barrels to continue to put or bottling. This Blans de Blancs Champagne Jacques Selosse Initiale is its introductory version of Champagne, which is a blend of three vintages, with an annual output of 2,700 boxes, aged at least 36 months before leaving the factory.

Selosse shocked the world in those days because they are a pioneer of biodynamic and they adopted techniques of making Burgundy white and Solera system of Sherry.

I have tried most of their labels and still love “ Initiale” most. Perhaps I am simple minded.

One invites gossips when one becomes popular, wine also, sold to you depended on mood and eye edge!

Very Small Quantity available from reliable broker:

Jacques Selosse Initiale Brut 0.75 HKD1488

Terms and Conditions 條款
-Pre-Arrival ETA late July 2018 預售貨品預期2018年7月底抵港。
-100% advance payment to secure order 百分百預付確認訂單。
-In case we loss the bid, full amount to be refunded in 14 working days without interests. 如不中標,原銀14工作天內不含利息奉還。
-minimum order for free local delivery is HKD 3000 or a surcharge of HKD 98 港幣3千以上本地免費送貨,或港幣98附加運費。

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