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Those Who Criticise Are My Mentors. Thanks for your complaints 道吾惡者乃吾師 謝謝投訴


Those Who Criticise Are My Mentors.

Thanks for your complaints

A regular client bought some bin end offer wine and complained that it was not palatable.

It is a bottle of Movia Vila Marija Merlot 2012 which I offered a very big discount because of the odd bottles.

I asked if it is was corked or cooked. It was for her father in law and she had not tasted them. I promised her to refund after I tried a bottle in my warehouse and if it turned up to be problematic.

Movia is the state wine of Slovenia. Current wine maker Ales Kristancic is the student of Chateau Petrus and DRC. I have much faith in his Merlots. Vila Marija is made from grape grown in a younger vineyard with average vine age of 28 years old. Some producer called it Vieilles Vignes.

I opened a bottle on Monday. The up front nose is black cherry with hawthorn fruits. It is still young and tannic. 5 hours later, sweets spices followed. Three days later, it offered beautiful floral notes. On the ninth day, it smelled powerful fully ripen rock melon. I am still waiting to see how it will develop.

Are you joking? A bottle of red wine with aromas lasting for 9 days after opening? This is the magic of Mother Nature. As long as it is traditional natural way and use biodynamic approach to make wine, it is meant for ageing for decades.

This is my Christmas surprise that I still have 18 bottles on hand. Be quick!

道吾惡者乃吾師 謝謝投訴












Movia Vila Marija 2012 
莫飛雅瑪莉亞莊園美樂 2012

HKD 298



-100% advance payment to secure order百分百預付確認訂單

-Availability subject to written confirmation 供應量須書面確認

-Minimum order HKD 3000 for HK local free delivery or surcharge of HKD150 訂單三千港幣以上免本地運費, 或附加費港幣150

-Macau and PRC delivery charge and duty to be quoted separately.澳門國內運費稅費另報


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