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Treasure Hunt in Junks


名莊夜冷場 (名莊貨郎擔)







Treasure Hunt in Junks

There are no spectacular movies or TV saga, nor juicy paparazzi news, but news of death of various figures and wars of various type. I have not watched YouTube for a while because postings are all of the same kind.

Under this disturbing mood, even the corners for selling festive decorations were shrunk in department stores. They look pathetic.

Surprisingly in such grey tone of this Christmas, I found such surprising news of red wine: Crazy price of some back vintages of big names.

A bunch of crazy brokers collected quite a handful of assorted Cote D’Or goodies. Pretty risky for its condition but very friendly price. I dare say you will swear when you study the price.

Bet on it! If it is still good and drinkable, you win. It is better than betting on horses. You may drink it even if you loose.

* Photos available upon request.



-Pre-arrival products 預售貨品
-100% advance payment to secure order百分百預付確認訂單
-Availability subject to written confirmation 供應量須書面確認
-Prices do not include France to HK consolidated air- shipping. Cost of shipping to be quoted according to order quantity separately 價格不含法國到香港集裝空運費用,視乎訂貨量另報
-Minimum order HKD 3000 for HK local free delivery or surcharge of HKD150 訂單三千港幣以上免本地運費, 或附加費港幣150
-In case we loss the bid , full amount to be refund without interest within 14 working days.如不中標,全數貨款14工作天以內不含利息奉還
-Macau and PRC delivery charge and duty to be quoted separately.澳門國內運費稅費另報




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