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Not Enough Blessings with Selling DRC? 最難消受康帝恩


Not Enough Blessings with Selling DRC?

Most fans notice that I do not push DRC on line. Isn’t it because of my ignorance? Reason is very simple: too low margin and too high risk.

Remembers the wave of DRC in 2011? I was frequently requested for DRC by Mainland clients. Every time when they placed orders, every piece of my nerves stood up right every second from the moment they confirmed order to the moment wine was delivered. Especially for those back vintages, I had to deliver myself and guarded serving to make sure that everything was right in terms of authenticity and quality. Even prominent brokers in Britain and US sometimes encountered cooked and badly stored wine. Client spent big money and bought sighs. I really do not want to take the risk of letting clients down.

After this crazy 2011 DRC wave, I prefer having sweet dreams at night to having a fortune in numbers.

Today, I courageously recommend a batch from a reliable European broker which I had worked with for 23 years, reasonably priced.

Co-owner Aubert De Villaine highly recommended vintage 2015. He says it is the most remarkable year in his 50 years of career with DRC and it is beautiful from start to finish. He also said it is an impeccable vintage that summer was dry and hot that offers fruits and tannins, and it cooled down right before harvesting that berries kept good acidity. Except Corton, all grapes were fermented in whole parcel. It happens only in particular year without millerandage, good ripeness and phenol maturity. (Quoted from the Decanter)

Everyone has high expectation of the debut of vintage 2016 which is praised by most critics. I anticipate that with the good news of economy , in addition to the low yield of this vintage, price will be pushed up to a new record, hence the price of older good vintages will also be pushed up.

Most probably 2015 DRC will be the big blue chips of the best collection and short-term investment in the decade.









2015 Vintage

每瓶均有連續原廠編號 原廠木盒十瓶裝已售出三瓶。

七瓶合計: HKD 338,888 

Consecutive serial number are on the bottles , Original Wood case if 10 but 3 bottles sold .

Remaining 7 bottles are Price HKD 338,888 

1x Romanee Conti

1 x La Tache

2 x Richebourg

1 x Echezeaux

2 x Romanee St Vivant

-pre-arrival products 預售貨品
-100% advance payment to secure order百分百預付確認訂單
-Availability subject to written confirmation 供應量須書面確認
-Prices do not include Europe to HK consolidated air- shipping and insurance. Cost of shipping to be quoted according to order quantity separately 價格不含歐洲到香港集裝空運費用及保險費,視乎訂貨量另報
-Minimum order one whole case. 最低起訂量一整盒。
-In case we loss the bid , full amount to be refund without interest within 14 working days.如不中標,全數貨款14工作天以內不含利息奉還
-Macau and PRC delivery charge and duty to be quoted separately.澳門國內運費稅費另報

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