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大地載徳 日月精華 Solis Solique Virtus Sola


大地載徳 日月精華

這是龍德堡酒莊的座右銘。莊園十八世紀初已䇄立於隆尼河谷的旺圖,位處高地。曾經風雲一時,鋒頭直迫教皇新堡。2007年發燒友釀酒師Frederic Renoux收購了。十多年的耕耘,重振旺圖區雄風。在生物動力學酒界嶄露頭角。




« Solis Solique Virtus Sola »

This is the motto of Chateau Landra. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the manor stood in Ventoux in the Rhône Valley, on a high altitude. There was a time when the wine there was so popular that they could challenge their neighbour Chateauneuf du Pape. In 2007, enthusiast winemaker Frederic Renoux bought it. More than ten years of hard work has revived the glory of Ventoux he made a name for himself in the biodynamic wine world.

I love his boutique series. The red and white of Les Bouitieres are all wonderful. I recently tried his top reserve《Mes Amis》 label, which is really velvety.

But his most sought-after version is the entry-level version of Pur Jus; red, white and rose are not put into oak barrel, and of course, not the other way round! You know what I meant. Pur Jus white is aged in antique amphora. For Rose and red, stainless steel vat are used. Absolute sulphur and addictive free.

After three years of cooperation, not a single bottle of Pur Jus is allocated to me. I finally got few bottles of sample. I am going to taste them on Friday. Feel free to join me if you are interested to find out why they are so popular.

October 9th from 1:00pm-6: 00pm, come to my office for a sip. Appointment is most welcomed.




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